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about us

Behfen Hydraulic Consultants

Behfan hydraulic consultants started their activity in 1996 and 25 years professionally in the field of design for hydraulic circuits, design and manufacture of power packs and hydraulic jacks, design and manufacture of sub-valve blocks and oil coolers and import of hydraulic parts for industrial machinery and road construction Has gained useful experiences in various industries such as automotive, steel, metal industry machinery, foundry, elevator, etc.

Experience, expertise, honesty, respect for customer rights, pre-sale consulting and after-sales technical services, and experienced and experienced personnel, have made us a well-known and reputable collection in the country’s hydraulic industry.

What are hydraulics and hydraulic benefits?

It is a topic that deals with practical methods of using pressurized fluids.

Advantages of hydraulic system :
Simplicity and accuracy of control: Control of large forces can be done with the least force. It is also possible to achieve torque or constant power at variable speeds.